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We also discuss a very broad range of history.

There are many times and events in history that are really important for a number of reasons. Some for good reasons such as the courage or dedication of a few individuals such as Emily Pankhurst and Florence Nightingale. Much more often than not for difficult reasons such as the Spanish Inquisition or the time of slavery.

One era that really captivates many peoples' imagination, however, is the Knights of the Round Table, led by the legendary King Arthur. This has been recalled time and time again in books and on television and it never fails to appear on attention. You can always make a good story out of King Arthur and his merry band of knights!

We report on European history too. For example, Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic in Central Europe. Prior to the 1990s, Prague was also the capital of the larger nation of Czechoslovakia, which incorporated the now separate Slovakia. The Velvet Revolution, which took place following the fall of the Berlin Wall, led to Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic liberating itself from the communist power which had been in place since after the second world war.

In spite of this long period of communist power, Prague has been able to retain a big number of attractive buildings, several of which date back to the Renaissance and Medieval eras. This makes the city a much frequented destination for those with archaeological and historical interests.

Welcome to Bolebroke Castle fansite

Bolebroke Castle is a hunting lodge in Sussex, England, built in the 1400s. Constructed in 1480, it is said to be the first brick-built building in the county. It is situated north of Hartfield village, East Sussex. King Henry VIII is supposed to have stayed at Bolebroke when he went on a hunt for deer and wild boar in the closeby Ashdown Forest. It lies about five miles, or eight kilometres, from Hever Castle, and was the focus from which King Henry began his courtship of Anne Boleyn, his second wife whom he beheaded. The Bolebroke Castle Miniature Railway was situated within the ground of the castle.

The brick house was possibly built in the mid 15th century but seems to date from the 16th century with an additional 17th century addition. The gatehouse was built in the 1500s and the timber framed outbuilding is 1600s. The house has a Grade II listing, as the gatehouse and outbuilding are both listed grade II.

Property has had an interesting history. The history of mortgages is one that is confusing yet key. Any first-time property buyer will usually have to take out a mortgage and settle a deal with a bank. In many cases, Euro mortgages can last over twenty years before they are completely paid back.

Mortgages aren’t the only things that have been changed by revolution. Our society in general is packed with history and revolutionaries. One of the most important and most influential revolutions to take place in our world is the American Revolution. I will not debate who lost and who won, as that is unimportant when considering the cultural impact that comes with taking part in a revolution.

For many countries, being part of a revolution is not a choice but rather a defensive measure. If our history has taught us anything, it is that nations like their borders t grow, and therefore they have to take land. Castles such as Bolebroke have been centre points of huge tracts of land owned by medieval lords.

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